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About us

We are a group of friends working in graphic design and advertising for over 20 years. Our work has been supported by prof. Piotr Kunce from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. We have learned a lot during these years. And we’re still learning.

The rapid development of technology requires from us to constantly broaden the horizons of knowledge to understand the possibilities that are available. All this so that our clients can take full advantage of what the modern world brings.

We are not a large advertising agency, focused only on servicing large corporations. However, our experience allows us to conduct large and unusual projects. We dedicate to each client the maximum of our attention and commitment, providing advice in choosing the best strategy to achieve the set goal.

We have worked for:

What can we
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We support building brand awareness.

Whether we are dealing with a new or existing brand we help in creating its image. We create key visuals for a given brand, ensuring the consistency of the message in different communication channels.

“Key visual” is more than a logo or logotype. This is an element which is a brand determinant.It can be a unique shape of the packaging (bottles, boxes) but also a series of characteristic images identifying with the target group. Examples include Coca-Cola bottle or Benetton photos. Depending on the customer’s needs create Key Visual’s based on the brand logo or logotypes we design or expanding the brand’s identification with additional elements.

We check all our creations in “almost” real life, creating realistic 3D visualizations.


We design logos and logotypes for companies and institutions.

The visual identity of the company or public office is one of the basic elements of communication with its clients. Together with the client, we analyze his requirements and goals that he wants to achieve with a new logo or logotype. We always present several graphic design proposals to choose from, showing our creations also in the form of application visualizations in a certain communication space.

We approach comprehensively when designing logos or logotypes.

We create:

  • Logos and logotypes for companys and administration units
  • CI Manuals that describe how to use new Corporate Identity system
  • Visual Information Systems that introduce clear rules for the signage of company branches or public facilities (airports, railway halls, offices)


We print anything on everything. Even in 1 copy.

Designing publications for printing has always been our strong side. We have gone through all development stages of the printing industry in Poland. We can offer a comprehensive service from designing to printing of any publication. We cooperate with reputable offset and digital printing houses in Poland.

We can deliver all kinds of standard and large format prints using offset and digital printing:
  • Product catalogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Books and albums
  • Business leaflets and folders
  • Posters and placards
  • POS materials (wobblers, hangers, dispensers, etc.)
  • Stands and roll-up’s
  • Instruction manuals
  • Stationery


We can create designs of any packaging.

Each packaging production technology requires a different approach to the design. Flexography, offset, screen printing or pad printing – each has its strengths and weaknesses. When creating packaging designs, we take these differences into account. We can deliver realistic 3D visualizations as well as real models for each design.

We design Packaging like:
  • Bottle labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Medical labels
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Dispensers
  • Advertising Bags
  • Multipacks


WWW, HTML5, CSS, JAVA, PHP, WordPress – Phew, there's a lot of it!

The constant development of new technologies in the Internet area necessitates continual adaptation to the increasing possibilities of marketing communication. We keep our finger on the pulse. We work with programmers to help translate our ideas into thousands of code lines. Using modern visualization tools, we are able to present to our customers functional models of Web services even at the design stage.

We design and develop fully responsive:
  • Websites, portals and online stores
  • Mobile Apps (Android, IPhone, Windows Mobile)
  • Adobe Flash animations & Internet advertising Banners
  • Interactive graphics for mailing
  • Language adaptations (localization) of web pages


Big is beautiful.

We design billboards and outdoor signage systems. Together with our subcontractors we organize production and installation of signboards or coffers and manage placarding in the city. We create audio and video ads. We also prepare animated multimedia PowerPoint presentations.

We design:
  • Posters and billboards
  • Advertisements and press announcements
  • Outdoor signage (signboards, cassettes, spatial logos)
  • Animated PowerPoint Presentations
  • We procure in audio and video production
  • We procure in the purchase of media (billboards, citylights, newspapers, radio, TV).



We translate and design multilingual publications.

The term “DTP localization” is not very popular in Poland. Have you ever had to translate and print materials from a foreign counterparty such as folders or user manuals? Or maybe your company exports overseas goods for which you need to attach foreign language documentation. Based on the source materials in the original language, we are able to translate, prepare to publish on-line or print any content. Everything will look the same as in the original – exept of language.

In cooperation with a renowned Translation Office we prepare translations and then with CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools we input them to source files. We support most DTP programs, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Freehand.

In this way, we prepare:

  •      user manuals
  •      technical documentation
  •      catalogs and leaflets
  •      Corporate/Brand Identity materials


We always try to think out-of-the-box .
We undertake non-standard orders.

Our clients had various needs: they asked us to visually enhance their headquarters, to create a new regional office interior design, design and make demo walls presenting their technologies, create an HD presentation during the company’s listing on the Stock Exchange, make a short 8K movie to be displayed during a large conference.

What else is ahead of us? It’s up to You.

We don’t want to limit ourselves to computer design. In our studio we have already created fully functional demonstration walls depicting the technologies offered by our clients, cosmetics presenters and even an interesting entrance to the office building. We have made the same office more attractive by the unusual painting of the façade. We also designed electronically controlled exhibition systems.

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